I am PhD. candidate and NSF - Graduate Research Fellow under the mentorship of Dr. Hyungbae Kwon at the Johns Hopkins University  Graduate Program in Neuroscience. I am currently studying  the role of accumbal dopamine in novelty and spatial learning. I previously worked with Dr. Tim Spellman on researching the contributions of prefrontal neurons to cognitive flexibility in Dr. Conor Liston’s lab at Weill Cornell Medical (read about that here).
As an undergraduate, I participated in research at Columbia’s Neural Circuits Lab, where I worked with Dr. Atheir Abbas on a project investigating a potential method of controlling seizures by exciting inhibitory interneurons.
My interests are in the circuit and cellular mechanisms of information processing in the brain, especially as relates to motivated behaviors. Discovering more about these neural functions will expand our understanding of how and why humans make the choices that we do.
When I'm not in the lab (or working on science communication as a member of Project Bridge ), I'm probably biking around Baltimore or behind my camera somewhere.​​​​​​​
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